Slipstream #1

Unrequited (by Anna McLain) Trance cares for Harper after he is infested by Magog eggs. (2)

Home Among the Living (by Lessa Warren) Being convicted of a crime you didn't commit is bad enough, but add poor company, mind altering devices, and an injury and you know you're having a bad day - Dylan is having a bad day. (21) Originally published in A Small Circle of Friends #7.

The Harvest Moon (by Brian) Dylan faces an ethical dilemma. (7)

Harper's Hope (by Joanna Weiss) Harper is determined to find a cure for his infestation, one way or another, but Dylan has to show him there are limits. (38)

Hand to Hand (by Appreciate) Tyr tried to cheer Beka up. (3)

Insurrection (by Anna McLain) Dylan and the crew of the Andromeda find themselves drawn into the complex politics of a planet where three species vie for control. (81)

Plus poetry by Lana G. Merkel, and a drabble by Anna McLain.

158 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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