Slipstream #2

Bloodlines (by Lessa Warren) When a re-supply run goes bad, Tyr ends up fighting for his life, and Dylan's the one feeling guilty. (18)

Freedom (by Anna McLain) Sometimes a man's just gotta do what a man's gotta do. (2)

Star-crossed (by Natasha Bennett) A crossover with Star Trek Voyager. Trace takes another spin into the slipstream and lands the Andromeda in the middle of nowhere, luckily and unfortunately, they aren't alone. (18)

A Day in the Life (by Joanna) A peek into Tyr's mind. (3)

Seeking Solace (by Joanne Weiss) When it appears that Beka is dead, Harper takes things into his own hands. (21)

Living (by Joanne) Sometimes just surviving is enough. (2)

On the Good Ship Maru (by Mary Rose) An exploration into the history of Captain Beka Valentine. (8)

Captain Anasazi (by Susan MacDonald) Tyr's dreams prove to be very insightful. (3)

Reverie (by Anna McLain) A peek into Rommie's thoughts. (2)

A Harper's Tale (by ElJay) When Dylan goes missing, and Harper rescues him, a chain of events is set into motion that Harper might not survive. (37)

Drabbles (by Anna McLain) A series of shorts. (3)

Just One of those Light Years (by ElJay) Harper's luck hasn't improved and now he's got more trouble to deal with. (54)

178 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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