Slipstream #4

Rhapsody of Angels (by Anna McLain) Rommie and Dylan get in over their heads. (13)

Knight of the Andromeda (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) A crossover with Forever Knight. Beka encounters her double from Earth's long past. (19)

Dinner and a Show (by Joanna Weiss) Beka and Harper share a evening out. (3)

Eden Lost (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) A fever is killing Beka. (27)

At Least She Knew I Loved Her (by Natta) Death story. Beka is dying, but at least Dylan gets to say goodbye. (3)

Tyr's Thoughts on Beka's Wedding Day (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) The title says it all! (2)

What We've Known All Along (by Joanne Albertsen) Beka contemplates life without Tyr. (6)

Journeys (by Anna McLain) Rommie is on a Journey. (1)

Bad Things (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) When a trip to a planet leaves Beka and crew on the middle of a civil war, things get too ugly for the captain of the Maru. (31)

Harper's Dream (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) Harper has a dream. (2)

On the Bad Ship Andromeda (by Joanne Bennett ) A twist of fate and time sets the crew on a very different path than the one we saw. (37)

152 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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