Slipstream #5

Don't Say MacBeth (by Joanna Weiss) Harper thinks he's been abandoned and that's not good news. A glimpse back into Harper's past. (24)

Beka, Harper and the King of Rock and Roll (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) Beka and Harper share a moment. (2)

Aidan's Dance (by Ephiny) Dylan meets an unusual woman. (8)

Filaments of Hope (by Anna McLain) A drabble. (1)

Swept Aside (by Joanna Weiss) Finding Harper in a mental institution isn't as bad as hearing the truth that put him there. (28)

Beka's Anniversary (by Mary Rose Riccitelli) A drabble. (2)

The Things He Didn't Say (by Anna McLain) A drabble. (1)

You'll Never Know (by Joanne Albertsen ) An AU. See how the crew of the Maru comes together, and then finds Tyr. (88)

164 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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