Turn Back the Night #1

Unrequited (by Anna McLain) Dylan/Rommie. A party is the moment when they realize their feelings run deeper than they've said. Adult (3)

Damage Control (by Sienna Edwards) Beka/Harper. Being infested with Magog eggs sucks, but when you have a friend like Beka, things don't look quite so bad. Adult (6)

Thunderstorm (by Kludge) Beka/Tyr. Their feelings have been kept under wrap a little too long, and it's starting to become noticeable to other members of the crew, including Dylan. Adult (8)

Lion's Tyr (by Eirene) Tyr/original female. Tyr is feeling the pressure to find a mate, so he sets out to find a legend. And then he finds her. Adult (19)

Tyr's Pride (by Eirene) Tyr/original female. Tyr brings his mate back to the Andromeda, but they can't keep their hands off each other, that is until Tyr get a real surprise. Adult (17)

In the Kitchen (by Sienna Edwards) Tyr/Harper. Set before the series, Tyr and Harper cross paths when both are much younger and at the mercy of others with power over them. Luckily, they are able to find a little solace in each other's arms. Slash (20)

Tactical Error (by McKenzie Griffin) Dylan/Tyr. Knowing the captain is hurting after losing Sarah again, Tyr offers him a unique gift. Slash (10)

The Games People Play (by Lexi Jordan) Dylan/Tyr. Dylan is trying to teach Tyr not to cheat at Go, and he thinks he has a way, but Tyr turns the tables on the captain. Slash (11)

Dream Lover (by Pamela Talbot) Dylan/Tyr. Dylan is being haunted by some interesting dreams. Slash (10)

Dreams are Made (by Pamela Talbot) Dylan/Tyr. As Tyr dies, he has a most interesting revelation. Slash (7)

Plus poetry by Wolf. Drabbles by Anna McLain.

120 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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