Turn Back the Night #2

Pandora's Box (by Phip) Harper/Rommie. Harper has a special gift for Rommie, but he needs to make sure it's working correctly. Adult (3)

Desire (by Phip) Mixed het parings. When the crew is cursed, interesting things begin to happen. Adult (10)

Soul Slipping (by Mary Grieve) Harper/Tyr. Harper meets up with one of Trance's tools and learns more than he ever expected about his relationship with the crew, especially Tyr. Slash (7)

Breaking Out (by Mary Grieve) Harper/Tyr. Harper finds himself asking himself one of the big questions: what does he really want? The answer surprises him, as does what he's willing to do to get it. Slash (53)

Imaginary Lover (by McKenzie Griffin) Dylan/Tyr. Thinking that he's lost Tyr, Dylan finds himself meeting the man in an unusual location. Slash (5)

Facing the Furies (by McKenzie Griffin) Dylan/Tyr. Dylan's dreams were more real than he imagined, but now he has to deal with a Tyr who's changed, and not for the better. Slash (19)

108 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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