Elusive Amnesty: An Alias Smith & Jones Gen Novel

Book 1: Layers of Misfortune

Written by Cindy Carrier.

Lom Trevors sends for Heyes and the Kid. He needs them in Cheyenne, so they can meet with the Governor. It appears their long wait for amnesty is finally over.

But when the Governor is shot, and the Kid sees who the assassin is - but refuses to tell Heyes - things suddenly change from joyous to tragic. Arrested for the crime, Heyes and Curry are hurried off to the Wyoming Territorial Prison and Lom is unable to help them.

While Heyes is spared the worst, the Kid faces a brutal guard who wants nothing more than to break his spirit. If Curry would just confide in his best friend and partner they might stand a chance of surviving, but the Kid refuses, pushing Heyes further and further away. Luckily, Heyes won't be denied, and that quicksilver mind of his quickly turns to plans of escape.

176 pages. $10 for PDF version plus color cover.

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