Elusive Amnesty: An Alias Smith & Jones Gen Novel

Book 2: Angel in the Whirlwind

Written by Cindy Carrier.

Heyes and the Kid have escaped from prison, but now they have to find someplace to hole-up for a while, or Curry isn't going to make it.

Lom has an idea about where they can go, but once there, Heyes thinks the lawman must be crazy. But with the Kid lying near death, Heyes has no choice but to trust a sharp-tongued woman, who makes his blood boil. She sets Curry's blood on fire, too, but not at all in the same way.

But even in the midst of worry there is some good news. The Governor is healing, and Lom is doing all he can to keep them safe.

Now, if they can just avoid the posse that's looking for them long enough for the Kid to heal, they might stand a chance of surviving, and if they survive, they still have a shot at that elusive amnesty.

138 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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