Elusive Amnesty: An Alias Smith & Jones Gen Novel

Book 3: Tomorrow's Gift

Written by Cindy Carrier.

The Kid finds Heyes after Dixon's attack, but the former leader of the Devil's Hole Gang is in bad shape. But Curry has more to worry about than his injured partner, the woman he loves is still being held by Dixon.

The Kid heads out to find Rachel before Dixon can kill her, leaving Heyes behind. Curry should have known that wasn't going to sit well with Heyes.

Against Lom's better judgment, he and Heyes set out to back the Kid up, and a good thing, too. When Curry finds Dixon and Rachel, he's ready to kill the deputy.

With Rachel back home, and Heyes slowly healing, the Kid is forced to step up and answer some hard questions, from the Governor and from the Marshall. But time and love are strong medicines, and things slowly work themselves out, although who is to say it's for the best?

96 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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