Just You, Me & the Governor #22

First Day of School (by Susan Moore) A childhood story. Heyes and Curry meet a new student at school and she seems to fit in rather nicely! (10)

The Heist (by Dawn Rice) Heyes and Curry have just pulled a successful job, and they're in town to celebrate. The last thing they expected was to run into the Kid's older brother, a mean man who wants only to hurt the Kid. (14)

You're in the Army Now (by Leigh Stewart) Being chased by a posse means you're not too particular about where you find cover, but this time Heyes and Curry are in WAY over their heads. Taking refuge at a military fort lands them in the ranks, and if they desert they'll be shot. So, just how do you get yourselves kicked out of This Man's Army? (23)

Refuge (by D. Rowen Grove) When they're caught in a terrible snowstorm, Heyes and Curry take refuge the only place they can, a house they accidentally found. Or was it an accident? (8)

Popular With Everyone (by Sharon Airey) Heyes and the Kid think the big day has finally arrived - amnesty. Even Lom believes it's true. But then they begin to notice a few things that look out of place. (9)

Winter of Our Discontent (by Drena Hills) Never, never, never mix four older widows, two outlaws, a posse and a snow storm. Just don't. Well, unless you're Hannibal Heyes, Kid Curry or a older woman who likes a little adventure! (15)

Change of Heart (by Kellie Ingle) It's the bad time of the year for Heyes, and he's taking out his frustrations on the Kid, who has decided that he's had just about enough. So it's time for Heyes to get a special visitor. (4)

And So Might Lucifer Have Fallen (by Leigh Stewart) Porterville, home of Sheriff Lom Trevors and a woman who can strike fear into the hearts of grown men. Especially men who want to rob her bank. (12)

My Cousin the Deputy (by Terri Sutro) Heyes and the Kid split up to escape what they think is a bounty hunter. Curry ends up in aptly named Trouble, Colorado, where he promptly saves the sheriff's life and gets himself deputized. Well, that wouldn't be so bad, but then bounty hunters bring in Hannibal Heyes, but he's not Heyes... and then Hannibal Heyes arrives, but he isn't Heyes either. Oh, and did we mentioned a well-intentioned young lady? (48)

The Angels Did Sing (by Lynn Gill) Christmas brings a special bounty hunter and even more special news for Heyes and Curry. (5)

Valley of Darkness (by Embry) Heyes and Curry ride into Borman only to find a woman who weaves a spell over the Kid that might just cost his friendship with Heyes and his life. (29)

Filks by Kristi Nelson, and a poem by Kellie Ingle.

192 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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