Devil's Hole #2

A mixed adult and slash issue.

The Featherbed (by Samanna Longbow) The Kid is hurt, but his recovery looks like it might be real interesting given his "nurses." (7) Adult

The Red Strokes (by Quale) A post-"Journey to San Juan" story. Michelle has to let the Kid go. (12) Adult

Just Any Night (by Vivian Darkbloom) A visit with Hannibal Heyes from the perspective of a saloon girl. (8) Adult

Untouched Heart (by Catherine) Set in the Ella Hart universe. Heyes and Ella's introduction, right in the middle of a fight to keep them out of prison. (11) Adult

Where the Danger Lies (by Quale) Also in the Ella Hart universe. A saloon girl has her heart set on Heyes, but when she meets the Kid, she's not too disappointed. (9) Adult

On Urgent Business (by Catherine) A third story in the Ella Hart universe. Heyes arranges a weekend for himself and Ella. (13) Adult

The Best Laid Plans (by Curt Clitterhouse) Clem has a plan for Heyes and Curry that includes some interesting characters. (11) Adult & Slash

The Real Thing (by Mary Llewellyn) Heyes and Big Jim discover they share a secret. (8) Slash

Tender Loving Care (by Nancy Platte) When Heyes isn't feeling too well, the Kid has a plan worked out to make him feel better. (8) Slash

96 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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