Devil's Hole #3

A mixed adult and slash issue.

For Rachel (by Caryn) A young woman has a chance encounter with Kid Curry, and the man does know how to make an impression. (9) Adult

The Wanted Man (by Sonja) Heyes takes refuge in the home of an old friend and has a most enjoyable visit. (15) Adult

Always (by Kathleen) Heyes is acting a little strange, and the Kid is determined to uncover the reason why. The question is, can he handle the truth? (10) Slash

New Relations (by Zane) Heyes is feeling depressed; the amnesty is taking forever. And then the dreams start... Thank goodness the Kid is there to help. (9) Slash

A Different Kind of Poker (by Squire) Heyes and Curry are lying low in San Francisco. And Heyes gets an education when he finds the Kid at a Chinese bathhouse. (10) Slash

Cove Encounters (by Squire) Silky knows Heyes and Curry's secret and send them on a special trip. (8) Slash

Snowbound (by Kathleen) Getting snowed in with a man who's driving you crazy can lead to some unusual revelations. (5) Slash

Turnabout (by Duval) After nearly getting captured by a posse, the Kid makes his feelings known. (11) Slash

Trust (by Duval) The Kid's been shot and Heyes is fretting. If his partner survives Heyes is going to kill him. (5) Slash

A Night in Bliss (by Nancy) Fantasies come true in a town called Bliss. (6) Slash

96 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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