Devil's Hole #6

A mixed adult and slash issue.

Cabin Fever (by Joan Teri Janes) Getting stuck in a snowstorm has some unexpected consequences for Heyes and the Kid. (7) Slash

Shadow in the Moonlight (by Keiko) In Devil's Hole, Heyes has an unusual encounter with an Indian that sets his thoughts racing about the Kid. (5) Slash

Slow Boat to New York (by Nancy Platte) The return trip from Europe has Heyes and the Kid renewing the more passionate side of their relationship. (8) Slash

Ride (by Zerelda) Some times a cowboy (or an outlaw on the lam) just has to ride for all he's worth... (9) Slash

Life After Death (by Caryn Mayo) Surviving their post-desert encounter with Danny Bilson has left Heyes in the mood to celebrate life, and love. (10) Adult

A Long Way Home (by Zerelda) Belinda Darby was a woman Heyes couldn't resist, but he was making a big mistake, because love wasn't the only thing on Mrs. Darby's mind. (8) Adult

The Reservation (by Zerelda) Josephine Browning is a widow, and a missionary, working on a Crow Indian reservation when Heyes and the Kid cross her path. For Heyes, the young woman's story, and her struggles to help the Indians, warms his heart and ignites his passion, but is their love meant to be? (11) Adult

64 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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