Addington International: Restricted File #1

7 Dead Horses (by Connie Furcolow) A wonderful episode story in script form. This script was actually reviewed by the production company and received very positive feedback. A definite must for CS fans. (63)

Reap the Whirlwind (by Jeanine Sorel) Peter's past has caught up with him, and only Nikki and Luke can keep it from destroying his present. (20)

The Call (by Jeanine Sorel) A missing scene from Claire Sinclair's point of view. (2)

Chance Meeting (by Kathy Condon) Sometimes you just have a bad day, and that's exactly what Stone's having, but he gets some help from an old friend of Peter's, a guy named Luke Brenner. (5)

The Forgotten Ones (by Kate Nickell) The team's in Texas following up on JFK's assassination when things get a little out of hand. (5)

Old Friends (by Loretta Greco and Kristi Nelson) Peter's deep-felt guilt over Luke's death drives him to seek out an old friend, Nikki. (20)

Hide and Seek (by Karrene) A crossover with War of the Worlds. Addington and Stone are on a plane that's crashed right in the middle of Colonel Ironhorse's area of operation. (20)

New Moon Rising (by Tracy Fretwell and Gillian Holt) A crossover with War of the Worlds. Colonel Ironhorse was out chasing aliens, he didn't expect to rescue Hector Stone, and he especially didn't expect Stone to survive an attempted takeover. Part one of a longer story. (18)

Plus poetry by Jeanine Sorel. Art by Priscilla Tweed.

174 pages. $10 for PDF versionwith black and white cover.

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