Addington International: Restricted File #3

DejaVu (by JJJunky) Alexander thinks it must be a terrible nightmare when Peter Sinclair is kidnapped, just like his wife was. But this time there's more to worry about. Peter is still recovering from an injury and Nikki and Luke fight the clock to save their friend. (13)

Friends and Enemies (by Loretta Greco) At first it appears that they're on the trail of men who might have information on Chantel's kidnapping, but the tables are quickly turned and Stone finds himself facing an old friend turned enemy. (22)

Ties That Bind (by Lee Alexander) Peter is shot, and Stone is taking full responsibility for the incident. Guilt leads the ex-SEAL to make a few bad choices, and he nearly pays for them with his life. (32)

The Midnight Caller (by Fern Field-Brooks) A treatment for a fourth-season episode, written by one of the executive producers. Gabby finds herself being stalked while the team works to put a fraud out of business. (14)

Strike Out (by Kay Kucharik) Gabby and Stone have a surprise for Peter and Addington, but before they can break the good news, Stone is kidnapped and almost beaten to death. And now the villain is after the rest of the team. (20)

White Out (by Jamie Hector) The team crashlands in the Colorado Rockies, and if that isn't bad enough, they soon discover that the bad guys are closing in to finish off the job. (24)

Plus filks by Kristi Nelson and wonderful black and white art by Priscilla Tweed.

152 pages. $10 for PDF version with black and white cover.

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