Dog Tales at High Moon

Aiming for 300 (by Mirenna) Ray's looking for something he and Fraser can do together. He's got his preferences, but that's moving a little too fast. (8)

Aftermath (by Catherine) Ray's mad about Fraser's apparent lack of a survival instinct, but his anger turns to something else. (5)

Evidence (by Ruby) Louis and Huey discuss Fraser and Ray. (3)

Thunder & Whispered (by Amanda) A thunderstorm gives Ray some unexpected insights. (2)

Bedside Manner (by Khylara) A little injury can't keep a good cop down. (4)

Sexual Healing (by Jeannie Marie) Ray is hurting and Fraser is willing to suffer the storm for him. (6)

The House of Mine Enemy (by Ruby) Ray takes Fraser to a haunted house. (15)

The Promise of Things to Come (by Zane) A psychic's warning turns Fraser's thoughts to new possibility and dreams. (15)

What's a Partner For? (by Ruby) Ray is partnered with another detective, who rubs Fraser the wrong way. (13)

Thin Ice (by Annick Walker) It's a rocky road to happiness, but luckily Ray and Fraser have a couple of helpers to smooth the bumps. (16)

Plus poetry by Lynne Dhenson, Khylara, and Brigid Morgan. Art by Anja Gruber and H. Ann Walton.

106 pages. $10 for PDF version with black and white cover.

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