Last of a Breed #1

Terminal Case (by Paula Smus) Ray and Fraser find themselves stranded at the airport in New York, but the wait is anything but uneventful, not with grannies, kites, and missing jewels. Light action. (7)

After the Winter Winds Have Died (by Gena Fisher) A tag to "Victoria's Secrets." Fraser's in the hospital, Ray's back home, and he's hurting. Serious. (6)

Road to Nowhere (by Birgit Staebler) Ray and Fraser find themselves caught up in a horrifying mystery involving illegal aliens and organ trading. Hurt/comfort. (27)

Reflections (by Elyse Dickenson) Another tag to "Victoria's Secrets." Ray and the ghost of his father argue over Fraser. Serious. (5)

Spring Cleaning (by Judy Stoffler) Fraser agrees to help Ray with the annual Vecchio family spring cleaning and ends up cleaning out some of his own mental closets. Light. (10)

You Seem a Little Upset (by Elyse Dickenson) A crossover with Fraser. A blackout strands Fraser in an elevator with an unusual companion. Humor. (8)

Tybalt is Bleeding (by Jean Thrower) A sequel to "Juliet is Bleeding." Ray's severed all ties with Fraser, and Frankie decides it's open season on Mounties. Ray's change of heart might be too late. Hurt/comfort. (36)

Why Wolves Shouldn't Eavesdrop (by Gena Fisher) A conversation -- poor Dief. Humor. (2)

Prisoners of Love (by Angela Rivieccio) Victoria returns, Fraser disappears, and Ray is peeved -- until he learns the truth. Serious. (25)

Chicago Ghost Story (by Birgit Staebler) A crossover with The Real Ghostbusters. The Ghostbusters are in Chicago on vacation when a grave is robbed and a cemetery guard killed. Just another case for Ray Vecchio, until he and Fraser discover that the grave was the resting place of the Merlin Skull, an object of great power that's headed for evil hands. But not if the ghost of the man it was buried with can get it back first. Light action. (42)

Family Values (by Fallon Zane) A missing scene from "Some Like it Red." Didn't you want to know Robert Fraser Senior's reaction to his son's cross-dressing? We thought you might! Humor. (3)

Plus poetry by Teri Sarick and Vonne Shepard. Art by Anja Gruber and H. Ann Walton.

186 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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