Last of a Breed #2

Officer Down (by Victoria S. Haslam) A look into Ray Vecchio's life before Fraser. (4)

Not Dead Enough, Dad (by Christine Carr) Fraser and his father have to reach an agreement. (5)

Love Beneath the Shadows of the Moon (by Linda Rimmer) A sad vignette about the loss of magic. (4)

A Change is as Good as...Arrest? (by Victoria S. Haslam) Ray accompanies Fraser North of the border and runs into a "tricky" situation. (6)

The Confession (by Linda Rimmer) A haunted woman with a past seeks out Fraser to tell her tale to. (6)

Lottery Lunacy (by Christine Carr) Ray's playing the lottery again, and he even wins, but can he find the ticket, and what's it going to cost him? (9)

All the Queen's Mounties (by Lori Beatty) A collection of missing scenes from the episode of the same name. See what Fraser and Thatcher were thinking! (11)

Heavenly Dues (by Teri Sarick) Fraser finds himself in a most unusual situation after he's injured. (35)

The Legend (by Linda Rimmer) Fraser is haunted by a woman from his past, then she lures him into a trap. (6)

A Bad Situation (by Lori Beatty) Take a peek into Fraser's thoughts after the infamous plane crash. (6)

Giving Thanks (by Angela Rivieccio) Ray invites Fraser over to help with some cleaning, but an accident lands the Mountie in the hospital and the arms of a loving family, the Vecchios. (27)

Fortune's Fool (by Victoria S. Haslam) Ray attends Irene's funeral, and so does Frankie. (6)

Plus poetry by Jane Mailander, Melissa Mastoris, Linda Rimmer, Teri Sarick, and Jean Thrower. And a filk, a cartoon, and two "Top 10" lists by Jane Mailander. Color cover art by H. Ann Walton, and internal art by Anja Gruber.

152 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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