Last of a Breed #3

Think About It (by Sandy Fiore) Could Fraser be more than he seems? (1)

It's a Chicago Thing (by Christina Carr) Ray learns he has to be careful about what he says since Fraser - being the literal-minded Mountie he is - might just take it to heart. (6)

Miscalculation (by Sandy Fiore) Frankie Zuko is finding out just what it means to take on a Mountie. (2)

So Where to Now? (by Theresa Evans) Life after Victoria bring many things, including growth and understanding. (3)

Don't Fear Love (by Victoria S. Haslam) In the aftermath of Victoria nightmares abound, and both Ray and Fraser need a little time to heal. (6)

Blood-Red (by Jean Thrower) Ray finally discovers the real reason Fraser was trying to leave with Victoria. (15)

Thaw (by Christina Carr) Thatcher's history with Fraser goes back further than he'd ever imagine. (19)

Will Not be Published Today (by Teri Sarick) A crossover with Early Edition. The cat's sick, but Gary has a job to do and part of it is keeping a Canadian Mountie in Chicago alive. (50)

A Winning Combination (by Victoria S. Haslam) Sometimes you just have to admit that a big brother isn't such a bad thing to have after all. (3)

Night Sounds (by Linda Rimmer) Dreams keep Fraser company. (2)

Sweet Revenge (by Caroline Von Trott) A madman is after Ray, but he targets Fraser, and succeeds. (22)

Little Red Riding Mountie (by Teri Sarick) A parody on our intrepid trio - Ray, Fraser, and Thatcher. (4)

The Late Arrival (by Angela Riviccico) A homecoming long awaited and deeply felt. (9)

Critical Review (by Teri Sarick) A little self-reflexive satire. (8)

Plus poetry by Victoria S. Haslam, Melissa Mastoris, Linda Rimmer, and Teri Sarick. Filks by Kristi Nelson. Art by Anja Gruber.

172 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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