Physical Therapy #1

Watching (by Paige Aaron) Johnny and Bruce are watching each other. (2)

Coming Home (by Clarity) Post-"Siege." Bruce is glad Johnny made it home safe. (2)

Recognition (by Paige Aaron) Missing scene from "Precipitate." Bruce wants to check in on Johnny. (4)

Surrender (by McKenzie Griffin) A quiet talk leads to interesting revelations. (13)

The Road From Zion (by Sydni_6.4) Post-"Zion." The drive back home leads to an interesting conversation. (3)

Touch (by The Tenth Muse 1) Post-"Zion." After his father's funeral, Bruce won't let Johnny touch him, and that quickly gets to the psychic. (15)

Warming Up (by Moonmyst) When Bruce catches a chill, Johnny knows how to warm him up. (7)

A Light to Rid the World of Shadows (by Clarity) Post-"Shadows." Johnny reflects on his reactions, and what they might mean. (2)

A Different Path (by jhourdhaun) Post-"Shadows." Walt is haunted by dreams that seem to be telling him he needs to play matchmaker, but can he help Bruce and Johnny get together? (18)

Reassurance (by McKenzie Griffin) Post-"Shadows." Johnny needs some reassurance that Bruce really is okay. (10)

Unexpected Risk (by McKenzie Griffin) An awards banquet turns deadly, and Bruce ends up playing target. (33)

122 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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