Physical Therapy #3

Going Home (by Mystie) A peek into Burce's life teaches Johnny a lesson. (2)

Unforgivable (by Mystie) A tag to "Here Be Monsters." (2)

Bittersweet (by Mystie) A tag to "House." (5)

Dios Mio (by Clarity) A missing scene and tag to "Grains of Sand.". (3)

Midnight Musings (by Mystie) A tag to "Independance Day." (2)

Future Haunting (by Clarity) Anotehr tag to "Independance Day." (4)

Inertia (by Clarity) A long day leaves Johnny needing Bruce more than ever. (4)

Destiny (by Paige Aaron) A sequel to "Inertia." (13)

To See the Trees (by Legion) A battered guitar case takes John on a journey. (16)

At His Side (by Clarity) Bruce wants Johnny to tell him when he's hurting. (6)

Courting (by Levin Colter) Johnny finds himself being courted by Bruce. (8)

Hazelnut Karma (by Hidama) Some people know the best way to start the day. (4)

Proposals (by The Tenth Muse 1) Johnny pops the question. (2)

The Vision, Complete (by jhourdhaun) Johnny and Bruce decide that it's time to try for a second child. (19)

102 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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