Houston Knights - The Special Gen Collection

Dear Houston Knights Fan,

We make available a collection of Houston Knights gen fiction, as well as collections of other single universes. The stories in these collections all come from zines we have already published, zines that are still in print, so we ask that you do not copy these stories for other fans. Send them to us, please, as it offsets the cost of current print runs. Many thanks.

Title Author Source
Transcending the Barriers Annie Emley Compadres #4
Unaware JoeyPare Compadres #6
What Could Happen? JoeyPare Compadres #14
Another Christmas in Cowboy Land Lynn Gill Compadres #6
Ride of a Lifetime Lynn Gill Compadres #5
Pilgrims, Parties & Partners Lynn Gill Compadres #18
Last Goodbye Lynn Gill Ouch! #12
The Chaste Moon Lynn Gill Ouch! #12
A Little Culture in Texas Lynn Gill Ouch! #11
Up on the Rooftop Cinda Gillilan The Yule Tide #1
Two Rode Together Debra Hicks A Small Circle of Friends #1
Too Dangerous To Know Londa Pfeffer Compadres #7
Emotional Involvement Londa Pfeffer Compadres #7
Revelations Londa Pfeffer Compadres #10
Reviving the Spark Londa Pfeffer Compadres #9
Lean on Me Londa Pfeffer Compadres #6
Vengeance Londa Pfeffer A Small Circle of Friends #1
The Homecoming Lee Seibert The Yule Tide #1
Christmas Reflections Lee Seibert The Yule Tide #2
Adoption Papers Lee Siebert Obsessions

222 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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