Off With His Head #3

The Guardian of Earth (by Lucy Broadway) A crossover with Star Trek...sort of. A glimpse into the far future and into the heart of Duncan MacLeod. (4)

Immortal Leap (by Teri Sarick) A crossover with Quantum Leap. Duncan MacLeod and Dr. Sam Beckett cross paths, several times, changing history and their own lives. (34)

Fieldnotes (by Liz Holmes) A "what if" story. What if Joe Dawson was shot and lived because he was an Immortal himself? Good question! (8)

Enemy Mine (by Karen Kaiser) An old friend of Duncan MacLeod's is back, but she's been programmed to kill him and those closest to him. Can she be stopped in time? (21)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (by Cathy Schlein) With Duncan and Richie estranged the holidays look rather bleak for both men -- that is until MacLeod bends a little. (10)

Return to Dodge City (by Alison Wilson) A crossover with Gunsmoke. Duncan's accused of murder, but Marshal Matt Dillon doesn't believe it. He's also finding the truth about Duncan's true identity and his lifestyle a little hard to believe -- until he sees it play out for real. (17)

Consider the Possibility (by McKenzie Griffin) An alternative universe story set in the world of Walker, Texas Ranger. Ranger Jimmy Trivette thought he was just watching a movie, but the possibilities raised by Highlander hit just a little too close to home. (4)

Plus poetry by Melissa Mastoris and Teri Sarick. Art by Laura Miles.

116 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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