The View From Olympus

Xena: Warrior Princess

Ashes (by Clare Solomon) Xena is having a hard time dealing with Marcus' death, but it helps when you have a friend. (3)

The Reluctant Bride (by May Smith) Gabrielle is abducted by a young prince determined to beat his brother to the throne. Just one problem, daddy hates Xena and wants to see her dead - and she's on the way to rescue Gabrielle. (18)

Magic (by Clare Solomon) Xena and Gabrielle do a favor for a village and end up in a world of magic, both good and bad. (12)

Don't Look Back (by Fliss Davies) A crossover with Highlander. Xena recognizes the handiwork of the Four Horsemen, but this isn't the first time she's crossed paths with the four Immortals. (7)

A Tale for Argo (by Diana Lee) A crossover with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Xena's sick, the king is on a rampage, and Gabrielle's stuck with a monster who thinks he a dog - well, he calls himself Wuuff - what else could go wrong? (18)

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Love Kills (by Rowena Warner) Hercules is poisoned, and now he's trying to kills those closest to him, and Iolaus is in the direct line of fire. (21)

Valentine's Day "Massacre" (by Rowena Warner) Growing old can be a real pain in the butt - or other places, depending. (8)

If Wishes Were Horses (by Paula Smus) An attack intended for Hercules leaves Iolaus fighting for his life. Only luck and a little help from a friend will save him. (8)

Into Darkness (by E. A. Weeks) People are being murdered, their heads chopped off, and it's up to Hercules, his brother and Iolaus to discover who's behind the heinous killings. (28)

In the Shadows (by Rowena Warner) Hera can be very persuasive, but can she convince Iolaus to end his friendship with Hercules? (17)

Do Not Go Gently (by Jody Norman) Iolaus agrees to undergo a trial by fire in order to restore Hercules' family. (14)

Plus poetry by Leyla Harding and Peta-Jo Ford. A word search and a crossword puzzle by Peta-Jo Ford.

174 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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