Magnificent AUs #3

An all-AU zine. Stories in this issue include a variety of AUs (no Old West, no ATF Denver). NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

The Changelings III (by Angie) Old West AU. With a little help more of the Seven find their animals. (18)

The Rescue (by LaraMee) Larabee's Leapers WWII AU. The team goes in to rescue a man, but end up with considerably more than they expected. (29)

Protection (by Brate) Haven AU. The team must protect Travis. (18)

Reclaimation (by Brate) Haven AU. The end game for the seven's arch enemy. (24)

Reception (by Brate) Haven AU. Chris agrees to do his best to help Vin. (7)

Maldiction (by Jeanne) D&D LB AU. Ezra decides to show off some of his skills and he and Vin end up in some serious trouble. Luckily Chris and Josiah aren't too far behind. (12)

Underground (by Brate) OSIR AU. A crossover with Supernatural. The boys run into the team while they are on a case. (16)

New Beginnings (by The Neon Gang) The Cyrstal City AU(a Stargate SG-1 AU). When SG-7 is wiped out Jack sees it as an opportunity to create anotehr team like SG-1, and he has just the man in mind to lead it. (21)

156 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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