Magnificent AUs #4

An all-AU zine. Stories in this issue include a variety of AUs (no Old West, no ATF Denver). NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

The Changelings IV (by Angie) Old West AU. Chris has to make peace with his animal. (19)

Celebration (by Brate) Haven AU. A short; the team celebrates. (2)

Interlude (by Brate) Haven AU. A short; is he cheating? (2)

Festivity (by Brate) Haven AU. A short; Vin's second Christmas with the team. (3)

Mortification (by Brate) Haven AU. A short; their talents are unappreciated. (1)

Spell Bound (by Jeanne) D&D LB AU. Lord Algedi seeks revenge on Chris, and the Ranger might never be the same again. (37)

It's the Fall That'll Kill Ya (by Brate) OSIR AU. A crossover with Supernatural. Sam and Dean need Vin's help on a hunt. (14)

The Crystal City (by The Neon Gang) The Cyrstal City AU (a Stargate SG-1 AU). SG-7 latest mission lands them right in the middle of a mess, but one good thing comes of it - Vin. (19)

Special Response Team (by Brate) Special Response Team (SRT) AU. When his son is killed Orin Travis puts together a team to meet out justice. (8)

In the Year (by Mary Ann) In the Year AU. In a future earth setting, seven men come together to protect a town, and each other. (20) (by LaraMee) Negotiations AU. Chris is in the crosshairs of a man out for revenge. (17)

152 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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