Who Shot My Paw #4

An all-gen, all-JD-centric zine. Stories in this issue are set in the Old West and ATF Denver universes. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

More Than Numbers (by Kathy M) ATF Denver. Chris makes his decision about bringing JD onto the team. (4)

Come Monday (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. Whie Buck is gone JD is hurt. (8)

A Blast From the Past (by Angie and Marian) ATF Denver. A enemy from JD's past in Boston comes to Denver seeking revenge. (24)

Drifter's Lament (by Karen) Old West. JD and Josiah mourn the passing of a stranger. (2)

JD to the Rescue (by Angie and Marian) Old West. When bad guys come to town it's up to JD to save the day. (11)

Bad Weather (by NotTasha) Old West. JD and Ezra take shelter from a storm, but end up in deeper water. (13)

Justice for Annie (by Angie) Old West. JD must pay the price for his accidental killing of an innocent woman. (14)

Running (by NotTasha) Old West. JD and Ezra are taken captive by some very bad men. (18)

A Friend Indeed (by Beth Green) Old West. JD finds himself with a new friend who is more troubke than he's worth. (26)

Rage (by LaraMee) Old West. When he and Casey are brutally attacked, JD seeks revenge. (16)

144 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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