Divine intervention #1

An all-gen, all-Josiah-centric zine. Stories in this issue are set in the Old West and ATF Denver universes. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

His Team (by Steelknight) ATF Denver. Josiah visits the traveling Wall. (3)

Keeping Busy (by KT) ATF Denver. When Vin and Buck end up in the hospital, Josiah sits vigil. (5)

Ashes and Dust: Josiah Sanchez (by Joan Curtin) Old West. Josiah meets a new friend and finds himself drawn into the circle of interesting men. (9)

The Murder of Crows (by Tarlan) Old West. Josiah is seeing signs, and they aren't always easy to interpret. (4)

Days of Friendship (by Helen Adams) Old West. When Nathan is hurt Josiah is forced to use some old skills he'd hoped to never use again. (15)

The Devi in the Cave (by LaraMee) Old West. When Chris and Vin take refuge in a cave, an injured Vin finds himself in the fight of his life, and only one man can help him win it, Josiah, and he isn't there. (14)

Charades (by Meg Tipper) Old West. Josiah finds himself drawn into Maude's and Ezra's problems, but he turns the tables on them. (13)

Of Spirits and Visions (by Mady Bay) Old West. A vision takes Vin back to his Comanche family, but times have changed and he ends up a prisoner. Josiah goes after the tracker, following his own visions. (22)

Sanctuary (by Helen Adams) Old West. Josiah and JD take refuge in an old cabin, but soon find themselves in a life and death struggle for survival. (16)

Haunting of the Heart (by Glori) Old West. An injured Josiah is cared for by a very special woman. (4)

False Fathers (by Meg Tipper) Old West. Josiah's pain is rekindled by an innocent act on Ezra's part, but both men soon find themselves swept up into events neither would have ever wanted. (40)

156 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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