Magnificent Little Britches #2

An all-gen, all-Old West Little Britches zine. In this case, each story is one of the aired episodes rewritten with Vin and JD as children. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Manhunt (by Estee) When a young white girl disappears, it is the Indians wo are blamed, but not everyone believes that. (26)

Interlude: Leaving Town (by Estee) A strange sounds sends chills down Larabee's spine. (2)

Inmate 78 (by LaraMee) Chris ends up in prison and the others have to come rescue him. (18)

The New Law (by MMW) The arrival of a lawman in town sends men and boys scattering. (26)

Sins of the Past (by KT) A man from Vin's past finds him living in Four Corners. (21)

Love and Honor (by Lynda) A man from Inez's brings trouble to town. (17)

Vendetta (by KT) Chris' father-in-law turns up in town, bringing trouble with him. (16)

Interlude: Catching the Easter Bunny (by LaraMee) Vin decides to trap the Easter Bunny, and he does it, too. (4)

Wagon Train, Part 1 (by Estee) A trip with a wagon train truns deadly. (23)

Wagon Train, Part 2 (by Estee) Vin goes with Charlotte, but he can't leave Chris behind. (19)

184 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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