Magnificent Little Britches #3

An all-gen, all-Old West Little Britches zine. In this case, each story is one of the aired episodes rewritten with Vin and JD as children. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

The Trial (by Jeanne) Nathan's papa has been arrested for murder. (22)

Interlude: Kaleidoscope of Time (by Beth Green) Chris knows just the gift he wants to find for Vin. (4)

China Town (by Luna Dey) The boys try and help find a killer who is targeting Chinese railroad workers. (17)

Achilles (by Nancy W.) JD is still stinging over his accidential killing of a pet kitty, but things get even worse when he's kidnapped. (25)

Penance (by MMW) When Josiah ends up being blamed for a series of murders, Vin knows he has to do whatever it takes to prove his friend is innocent. (34)

Lady Killers (by Nancy W.) A gun-totting girl and her baby sister come to town, and trouble follows, especially for JD. (22)

Serpents (by MMW) The discovery of a special gun haunts Vin. (28)

Interlude: Tied to the Tracks (by Estee) Vin and JD are playing. (4)

Obsession (by LaraMee) When an old lady-friend of Chris' shows up, Vin just knows she's nothing but trouble. (31)

198 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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