Magnificent Holidays #4

An all-gen, holiday, special event, annual celebration, fun times zine. Stories are all Old West or ATF Denver universes. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line unless otherwise noted.

A Fool and His Boots (by NotTasha) Old West/April Fool's Day. Buck finds himself on the reciving end of an Ezra-Vin-hatched prank. (4)

Devil of a Time (by NotTasha) Old West/Halloween. Chris finds himself in an unusual situation. (5)

Something to be Thankful For (by Cass Smith) Old West/Thanksgiving. JD finds he has a lot to be thinkful for, namely his friends. (14)

Put It Aside (by JIN) Old West/Christmas. Chris finds the holiday weighing heavily on his mind. (4)

Mewwy Christmas (by Helen Adams) Old West/Christmas. The Seven are draggd into Josiah's pagent. (14)

All I Want (by Jade Standish) Old West AU/Christmas. Ezra and Chris have to deal with the holiday. (5)

Christmas Then, Now and Someday (by Jeanne) Old West-ATF Denver-Future/Christmas. The team celebrates the holiday over the years. (10)

Tweny Years Later (by Carole Seegraves) Old West/Anniversary. What happened to the peacekeepers, twenty years on. (1)

Unexpected Company (by Jin) ATF Denver/Thanksgiving. Ezra comes home to a surprise. (4)

Keeping Things in Perspective (by KT) ATF Denver/Thanksgiving. Vin doesn't think Chris really knows how to celebrate the holiday. (8)

A Holiday Curse (by MMW) ATF Denver/Thanksgiving. The Seven review their luck when it comes to holidays. (6)

Traditions Shared (by sable_cain) ATF Denver/Thanksgiving. Being stuck in an airport for Thanksgiving can have its perks, if Ezra's around. (5)

In From the Cold (by Winter) ATF Denver/Thanksgiving. When Vin ends up getting hurt, he thinks he's still on his own, but he has a lesson to learn. (11)

The Day After (by Brate) ATF Denver/Christmas. Vin has to accompany JD to do some post-Christmas shopping. (3)

Ezra Standish's Christmas List (by Susan Macdonald) ATF Denver/Christmas. Ezra needs a list. (2) Debuting

Christmas Spirit (by Beth Green) ATF Denver/Christmas. The team decides to share some holiday cheer. (3)

Christmas Messages (by KT) ATF Denver/Christmas. Buck and Ezra are out of the country for the holidays. (7)

It's a Wonderful Life (by Angie) ATF Denver/Christmas. Chris discovers what happens to the men of Team Seen if he wasn't in their lives. (17)

For Whome the Bell Jingles (by Annie) ATF Denver/Christmas. Ezra finds himself filling in for JD in an annual event he thinks is closer to torture than celebraton. (17)

152 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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