Magnificent Kids #8

An all-gen, all-Old West, Little Britches edition of this zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

No Sacrifice Too Great (by Angie) Buck is hurt while protecting some children. (20)

For I Was A Stranger (by Estee) It's Christmas time and Vin finds himself taking care of a very sick Uncle Ezra. Luckily he gets some unexpected help. (21)

A Little Souvenir (by Estee) An Old West LB AU. Chris knows Vin's mother, and when she dies, he is left with her child. (15)

All Hallows Eve (by Jeanne) A sick Vin gets an unexpected visit on All Hallows Eve. (2)

A Father's Embrace (by Jeanne) Chris tries to discover what's bothering Vin. (2)

Reflections on Giving Thanks (by Jeanne) Chris needs some time away, butu how to explain that to Vin, or does he need to? (3)

Humble Pie (by JJJunky) Vin learns a lesson in the art of cheating and friendship. (11)

Second Chances (by JJJunky) Vin is forced to relive his worst nightmare, but this time he has Chris at his side. (25)

One Little Word (by KT) Buck discovers Vin has been in a fight. (4)

Forgiveness (by LaraMee) Chris is blaming himself for Vin getting hurt. (6)

Holiday Vigil (by LaraMee) Chris ends up all alone with a sick Vin, but then discovers that he might not be so alone after all. (5)

Life's a Picnic (by LaraMee) Chris takes the boys on an outing while they wait for Buck to return, but events take a deadly turn. (12)

Visit in the Night (by LaraMee) Chris is hurt and Vin only wants to help. (3)

Ezra Claus (by MMW) Ezra has holiday plans for the boys. (2)

Ezra Claus 2: Santa's Secret (by MMW) The boys discover that Santa Claus has left them a special treat. (9)

Glass, Frogs, Shoes: A Typical Morning (by MMW) The title says it all! (4)

The Most Special Day (by MMW) Chris introduces Vin to a new celebration. (3)

Plus One (by MMW) An Old West LB AU. The discovery of a baby increases the family by one. (5)

Riding Herd (by MMW) What were Chris and Buck thinking when they agreed to host a party? (2)

Shared Tradition (by MMW) Nathan and Vin share a little bit of their pasts with each other. (4)

Bogs and Bugs (by MMW) And Old West LB parody. JD is bogged down in a hole, with bugs, and the othrs are going buggy trying to get him out! (6)

174 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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