Magnificent Laughs #1

An all-gen, all-humor (silly to scatological) zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Between the Lines (by LaraMee) Old West. Buck's and Chris's thoughts when they meet up again in Four Corners. (3)

Gone Fishin' (by LaraMee) Old West. Chris and Vin take some time away to go fishing. (8)

The Too Strange, Very Bad, Right Confusin' Day (by LaraMee) Old West. The Seven notice some very interesting things going on in Four Corners. (3)

Every H/C Fic You've Ever Read (by SueN) Old West. A hurt-comfort parody. (3)

Puppy Love/Hate (by LaraMee) ATF Denver. An undercover assignment for Chris turns up a new friend for he and Ezra. (12)

No (by Heidi) ATF Denver. All for one and one for all, or so the Seven thought, but Chris is resisting. (3)

Days Like This (by Brate) ATF Denver. There are just some agents who shouldn't be let out alone. (7)

Another Day, Another Mishap (by Brate) ATF Denver. More trouble for Vin and Ezra and, by extension, Chris. (3)

Gravity Sucks (by Brate) ATF Denver. Chris uncovers an interesting bet between Vin and Ezra. (2)

The Tooth Shall Set you Free (by Brate) ATF Denver. Vin needs to see the dentist, but they really ought to have known better. (10)

What's Up, Doc? (by Brate) ATF Denver. Some of Vin's less-than-legal past come to light. (3)

Cataclysm (by Brate) Old West. A series of little disasters after Chris's curiosity gets the better of him. (18)

Follow the Yellow Brick Road (by Debra Baschal ) AU. The Seven in Oz... (4)

Arachnophobia (by The Muse) ATF Denver. Who knew JD was that frightened of spiders? (5)

The Naked Truth (by The Muse) ATF Denver. A little web-surfing turns up more than JD can handle. (5)

Dental Work (by The Muse) ATF Denver. Vin needs to see a dentist, but Chris really should have known better! (8)

Back to School (by The Muse) ATF Denver. A talk at a local elementary school has four of the Seven ready to find another, less dangerous, line of work. (7)

Pussy File (by The Muse) ATF Denver. A mouse, a cat, and a misunderstanding. (10)

Ezra, Queen of the Dessert (by The Muse) ATF Denver. Some undercover assignments are just more fun that others. (11)

With This Ring...(by The Muse) ATF Denver. A little payback on Ezra and Buck. (9)

The Scent of a Man (by The Muse) ATF Denver. Buck's deadly after ingesting something he shouldn't have at the ranch. (5)

A Rubber by Any Other Name (by The Muse) ATF Denver. JD needs a lesson in the art of "flip and cover." (7)

160 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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