Magnificent Laughs #2

An all-gen, all-humor zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Will the Real Vin Tanner... (by Carole Seegraves) Old West. A bounty hunter comes looking for Vin. (4)

It All Started When...(by K Hanna Korossy) Old West. Ezra almost gets hitched. (6)

Naked Truth (by Brate) Old West. To keep Vin in bed they take away his clothes. (2)

Incidental Contact (by Carole Seegraves) Old West. A saloon brawl takes its toll. (3)

Punishment (by Beth Green) Old West. A missing scene from "Working Girls." (3)

Pure Poetry (by Jin) Old West. Chris and Vin are both laid up in the clinic. (9)

The Bet I (by Luna Dey) Old West. To add some excitement to their day Ezra comes up with a bet that puts Buck on the spot. (7)

The Bet II (by Luna Dey) Old West. The bets continue, and this time Chris gets caught. (6)

The Bet III (by Luna Dey) Old West. More bets and JD is stuck in an interesting situation. (10)

The Bet IV (by Luna Dey) Old West. The bets come around to get Buck and Vin. (10)

Counting to Three (by Carole Seegraves) ATF Denver. Buck tries to hang up. (2)

And the Twain Shall Meet (by Brate) ATF Denver. Vin borrows a book from Ezra. (2)

Batter Up (by Brate) ATF Denver. Ezra loses a bet and ends up in the hospital. (2)

Don't You Dare (by Brate) ATF Denver. Buck and Vin try to determine which one of them is sexier. (6)

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's... Captain Wigglybutt (by Brate) ATF Denver. Chris, Vin and JD end up sharing a hotel room. (4)

Late Night (by Brate) ATF Denver. Ezra and Vin tie one on. (4)

The Highest Bid (by Rhiannon) ATF Denver. Buck and JD try and find Vin the perfect gift. (6)

The Mystery Seller (by Susie Burton) ATF Denver. Sequel to "The Highest Bid." Vin is feeling guilty. (5)

Why the Janitor Quit (by Pat) ATF Denver. There are some offices no one wants to work in. (6)

Step Right Up(by GretaC) ATF Denver. The Seven man a kissing booth at a charity event. (13)

We Have Ways of Making You Talk (by Heidi) ATF Denver. Vin is sent in as the team's secret weapon to get a perp to talk. (3)

Red Lights and Specials (by Heidi) ATF Denver. Team Seven went shopping... (5)

The Jar (by Heidi) ATF Denver. Team Seven's swear jar has a story to tell. (5)

Hell, Hams, Milkshakes, and Mayhem (by Heidi) ATF Denver. Team Seven gets caught in a traffic jam. (12)

Hospitality (by Heidi) ATF Denver. Team Seven is forced to host a convention. (22)

162 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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