Magnificent Laughs #3

An all-gen, all-humor zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Wardrobe Malfunction (by Helen Adams) Old West. Ezra looses something. (2)

All's Well that Ends Well(by Brate) Old West. Vin develops an unnatural fear of wells. (2)

To Pass the Time of Day (by Beth Green) Old West. A poker game leads to a wicked pun. (4)

Getting to Know You (by Beth Green) Old West. Chris walks in on a bar fight. (5)

The Last Word (by Linda) Old West. A war of pratical joks escalates. (5)

Quiet (by NotTasha) Old West. Buck adn Ezra think it's too quiet. (5)

Under Pressure (by NotTasha) Old West. Let's just say that it takes a man to wear a dress. (5)

How Four Idjiots Got Baptized (by Pat) Old West. Chris is acting like an ol' mother hen, so several of his men seek revenge. (11)

Obsession (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. JD's overdoing it just a bit. (3)

P is For... (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver. The team tries to determine what Ezra's middle name is. (7)

One Man's Trash (by Brate) ATF Denver. Vin drags Ezra to a yard sale. (2)

To Each His Own (by Brate) ATF Denver. Ezra yard sale find upsets Buck. (2)

Time is Relative (by Brate) ATF Denver. The guys and the girls are at the wrong place at the right time. (2)

So Far So Good (by Susie Burton) ATF Denver. Vin has a task to accomplish. (1)

The Answer is NO! (by Susie Burton) ATF Denver. Sometimes it's hard to say no, other times, it's not. (3)

Tanner ANTics (by Susie Burton) ATF Denver. Helping Chris out comes at a cost. (8)

A Memorable Performance (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. A trip to the symphony is memorable. (3)

A Wrenching Problem (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Buck gets himself into trouble. (4)

Elvis & Me (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Buck and the King. (5)

Rock, Paper, Scissors(by Hombre) ATF Denver. Buck, Ezra and Vin play a little game, or two. (10)

Not Anymore (by Ruby) ATF Denver. More JD talk. (2)

Apastapickle (by Ruby) ATF Denver. JD is driving Ezra nuts. (3)

Bathroom on the Right (by Ruby) ATF Denver. JD is still after Ezra. (4)

Bureau (by Ruby) ATF Denver. JD is still on the hunt for Ezra. (3)

Makin' Copies (by Ruby) ATF Denver. Ezra gets his revenge on JD. (22)

The McDonald's Incident (by Ruby) ATF Denver. Buck tries to be helpful at McDonalds. (4)

Bolt Out of the Blue (by NotTasha) Old West and ATF Denver. Ezra gets the surprise of a lifetime. (19)

They're at it Again! (by Susan Macdonald) Old West and ATF Denver and beyond. Someone is at it again. (2)

Gunfight at the LWTD Corral (by Helen Adams) Old West AU. Ezra gets his . (2)

142 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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