Magnificent Laughs #1

An adult, het, romance, OFCs zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

The Gift of Love's Memory (by LaraMee) Old West (Chris/Maria). Chris visits Maria in a missing scene from "Obsession." (3)

That Could Go Wrong (by Michelle Fortado) Old West (Buck/OFC). Buck wants to meet a new woman in town, but it doesn't go as well as expected. (9)

The Price (by LaraMee) Old West (Chris/Maria, Vin/Inez). Two pretty ladies, two handsome men, and trouble, of course. (21)

Come the Fall (by Jean Dockery) Old West (Vin/OFC, Chris/OFC). Chris accompanies Vin to visit a tribe, and finds that Vin has more waiting for him there than he expected. (5)

A Night of Passion (by Rose Marie London) Old West (Nathan/Rain). A missing scene from "Penance."(2)

Obsession's Gift (by Ruby) Old West (Ezra/OFC). Chris discovers that Ella has been keeping more than one secret from him, but now that he knows he has a daughter, will he be able to stand losing her to Ezra? (54)

Wake Up Call (by Luna Dey) ATF Denver (Josiah/OFC). Josiah and his lady love have similar thoughts. (6)

Forbidden Zone (by Jean Dockery) ATF Denver (Vin/OFC). Vin and his current love hit some rough patches on the road to happiness. (16)

As Sweet as Any Harmony (by Sunni) ATF Denver (Buck/Inez). Buck's future isn't what he expected. (3)

When the Jazz is Smooth and Hot (by Sunni) ATF Denver (Ezra/OFC). A rainstorm, some jazz and things heat up! (7)

Life is a Bowl of Peaches (by Sunni) ATF Denver (Nathan/Rain). Breakfast can be the most important meal of the day! (5)

Amazed (by Sunni) ATF Denver (Vin/OFC). Vin shares his thoughts with his lady love. (5)

Sleeping Alone Again, Part 1 (by Sunni) ATF Denver (Josiah/OFC). Josiah doesn't know it, but he and a particular lady are thinking along the same lines. (2)

Sleeping Alone Again, Part 2 (by Sunni) ATF Denver (Josiah/OFC). Josiah and his lady are still working on a relationship. (4)

Hot Pizza (by Sunni) ATF Denver (Vin/OFC). A shared pizza leads to some unexpected consequences. (3)

Natural Conclusion (by Sunni) ATF Denver (Josiah/OFC). Finally, Josiah and his lady get their act together. (9)

You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This (by Sunni) ATF Denver (Josiah/OFC). Things are going well for Josiah and his lady. (5)

170 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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