Magnificent Love #2

An adult, het, romance, OFCs zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

A Woman Scorned (by Heidi) ATF Denver (Ella). Ella Gains thinks about her man. (7)

Stud Muffin (by Susie Burton) ATF Denver (Vin/OFC). Vin has a very interesting night. (10)

Tongue-Tied (by Susan Macdonald) Old West (Chris/Mary). Chris has something to say, but it's not coming easily. (2)

Another Chance (by Susie Burton) Old West (Chris/Mary). Chris and Mary get one more chance to make a life together and neither wants to blow it. (11)

Avenging Angel (by LaraMee) Old West (Chris/OFC). Chris comes upon a widow in need of help, but as it turns out, she is also able to help him. (12)

Now and Forever (by Denyse Bridger) Old West (Chris/OFC). Chris discovers his feelings for an old friend haven't really changed. (30)

One of a Kind (by Susie Burton) Old West (Buck/Kate). Buck shows the lady bounty hunter just how good love can be. (8)

Backward Glance (by Angie) Old West (JD/Inez). Inez decides it's time for JD to grow up. (11)

First Kiss (by Helen Adams) Old West (Ezra/Inez). Ezra and Inez finally face their feelings for one another. (6)

Swing Time (by Lisa) Old West (Ezra/OFC). A swing, a lovely woman, and Ezra! (2)

To Live For (by Ruby) Old West (Ezra/OFC, Vin/OFC). Ezra meets a woman who steals his heart, but she's married and hiding something that might just cost both of them their lives. (23)

Midnight Meeting (by LarMee) Old West (Mary/mystery man from the Seven). Mary has a wonderful night. (3)

Under the Aegis of the Seven (by Susie Burton) Old West (OFC). Vin and the Seven find themselves helping a young Indian woman. (35)

172 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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