Magnificent Love #3

An adult, het, romance, OFCs zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Not Enough (by Heidi) ATF Denver (Unknown). One woman is not up to the challenge of the Seven. (2)

Chris'mas Comes Early for Mary (by Susie Burton) ATF Denver (Chris/Mary). Mary enjoys an early Christmas gift. (5)

An Acceptable Alternative (by Barb Marx) Old West (Ezra/OFC). Ezra meets an interesting young man when he goes to take a bath. (8)

Evanescent (by Susie Burton) Old West (Chris/Sarah, Vin/OFC). Chris and Vin remember past loves. (11)

Cody (by LaraMee) Old West (Ezra/OFC). A young woman from Chris' past turns up and falls for Ezra. (17)

A Safe Haven (by Rhiannon) Old West (Vin/Inez). Inez finds a safe haven with Vin. (7)

Give and Take (by Rhiannon) Old West (Vin/Inez). Inez wants to keep some of her freedom, and Vin pays the price. (17)

For Your Smile (by Jan) Old West (Vin/OFC). Some of Orin Travis' relatives show up, and one takes a shine to Vin. (25)

Lost Love (by Rhiannon) Old West (Vin/Charlotte). Charlotte thins about what she has given up. (7)

odi et amo (by Heidi) Old West (Chris/OFC). A woman Chris once felt a great deal for comes back into his life - with plans to kill him! (60)

170 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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