Magnificent Nights #1

A mixed pairing slash zine. Stories in this issue are set in the Old West and ATF Denver universes. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Rainy Days, Chicken Soup and You (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Buck/Ezra). Some bad weather and a little migraine can be cured in interesting ways. (13)

Fire and Ice (by Luna Dey) Old West (Buck/Ezra). When Ezra takes a fall, Buck has to care for the man, stirring feeling both would rather ignore. (12)

Hopes and Dreams (by SueN) Old West (Buck/Ezra). When Buck is hurt, Ezra finds himself in the awkward position of caring for a man he is trying to hide his feelings from. (29)

Gains and Losses (by Tarlan) Old West (Chris/Ezra). Some relationships are harder than others and Ezra's got his hands full. (9)

Take My Hand (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Ezra/Vin). A casual flirtation takes on a whole new meaning when the two men suddenly find themselves on the same team. (18)

Distraction (by Cobalt) Old West (Ezra/Vin), post "Working Girls." Vin helps Ezra rid himself of his outfit. (7)

Encumbered (by Cobalt) Old West (Ezra/Vin). A ride leaves Vin in a state, but Ezra has a cure. (3)

Ebony and Ivory (by Tarlan) Old West (Chris/Nathan). The healer has more on his mind than he wants to admit. (3)

It's in His Kiss (by mcat) Old West (Buck/Vin). When Chris sees that Vin is in a state thanks to Buck's kiss, he tells his friends to take care of business, but now he's regretting it. (16)

Someone to Lean On (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Buck/Vin). Buck can see that the new guy is hurting, but he's not sure why. (5)

Call Out My Name (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Buck/Vin). Buck finds out what's bothering Vin. (5)

While the Cat's Away (by mcat) ATF Denver (Buck/Vin). With Chris out of town, Buck and Vin get down to business at the Ranch. (3)

Dreaming (by Storm) ATF Denver (Vin/JD). Vin is happily in a relationship with Chris, but he's having troubling dreams. (2)

A Dream is a Wish (by Storm) ATF Denver (Vin/JD). Chris arranges for Vin's dreams to come true. (12)

In My Bed (by Kaed) ATF Denver (JD/Josiah). JD takes Josiah out for dinner and, he hopes, a little bit more. (6)

Too Hot (by Luna Dey) Old West (Vin/OMC). A shopkeeper in town follows Vin and gets exactly what he was hoping for. (3)

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