Magnificent Nights #7

A mixed pairing slash zine. Stories in this issue are set in the Old West and ATF Denver universes. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

No Boys Allowed (by Helen Adams) Old West (Ezra/JD). A bad trip home leads to unexpected copnsequences. (5)

Man, Oh Man, Oh Man (by Helen Adams) Old West (Chris/Ezra/Nathan/Vin). A nice day can have unexpected consequences. (7)

Aces Over Kings (by Helen Adams) Old West (Chris/Ezra/Nathan and Ezra/Vin). Playing poker means all kinds of winners. (8)

Crowded Places (by Tarlan) Old West (Chris/Ezra). Sometimes you need someprivacy. (4)

A Game of Chance (by Tarlan) Old West (Chris/Ezra) Playing games and taking chances just adds falvor. (4)

He With Us? (by Farad) Old West (Buck/Chris/Vin). Adding to the pot. (25)

If a Friend Collects (by Farad) Old West (Buck/Chris/Vin). It's nice to know your friends will wacth your back. (5)

Get Yourself a Real Hat (by Farad) Old West (Buck/Chris/Vin). When a friend is hurt, his pards are there for him. (10)

Coalescence (by Helen Adams) Old West (Buck/Ezra). Buck pays a visit to a tired Ezra. (5)

His Own Laws (by Farad) Old West (Buck/Chris, Chris/Vin). Buck isn't too happy with Chris. (5)

Paths (by Farad) Old West (Vin/OMC). Vin's past is never too far away. (13)

Foreplay (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver (Ezra/Vin). Nothing like waking up being kissed. (3)

Interlude (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver (Buck/Chris/Ezra). Sometimes three heads are better than one, or two. (3)

Sweet Induldence (by Helen Adams) ATF Denver (Ezra/Nathan). There are times just just need a little time away. (8)

Handle With Care (by Farad) Escorts AU (Buck/Chris, Josiah/Vin). Learning what lies deepest inside you is an education. (44)

160 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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