Savage Fury

A Magnificent Seven gen novel by The Neon Gang, set in the ATF Debver AU and with lots of hurt-comfort. NOTE! These stories have appeared, or is currently available, on-line.

A madman grabs Chris during an opration and Team Seven thinks he's dead. They are wrong. Then the man grabs Vin, and Chris knows just what he's enduring.


Vin stayed in his safe place, listening to the distant sounds of the demon who prowled the edges of his sanctuary, trying to find a way in. But he knew the creature wouldn't find a way. Others had tried, and they had all failed. He was safe.

But there was another, someone Vin thought he might know, who also prowled the edges as well.

"Do you hate me, Vin? You left me here! You left me here to die! Now it's your time to die!" the shadow screamed at him.

Seiler flipped a switch, sending current into Tanner's body at several well-chosen sites. The only answer the shadow received was a strangled scream. But Vin didn't know he was making the sound. He was crouched in his safe place.

Why was the shadow hurting him? Did he know him? It didn't make any sense, but then little had for a long, long time it seemed.

He must have done something to the shadow, he must have hurt him.

Vin could make out other shadows as well, shadows of… things moving around the edges of his safe place –the demon, the blond man, and the beautiful woman.

This was all happening because of her, her and the blond man. But he wasn't sure who they were, or why they were important any more. He couldn't really think at all, although he thought maybe he might have known how at one time. But whenever he tried to remember, his brain started to hurt so bad he had to take it out and throw it away. But that seemed to attract the monster and the demon, like sharks coming to the scent of chum. It was better if he didn't think, then he wouldn't have to take his brains out and toss them away again…

133 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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