Whispers in the Darkness

A Magnificent Seven gen novel by LaraMee, set in the Old West and with lots of hurt-comfort. NOTE! These stories have appeared, or is currently available, on-line.

Chris ends up in the hands of a cult, but his friends have come to help. Too bad they are too late to spare him...


Buck and Ezra rode toward the cabin. The big ex-lawman was balancing a large picnic hamper on one hip, the smell of fried chicken causing his stomach to growl louder and louder.

"Well, I'll be," drawled the man beside him. "Evidently our Mr. Larabee has regained some measure of strength."

Looking toward the cabin, Buck could see Chris propped up on one of his straight-back chairs. JD was slumped in another, his feet propped up on the corner of the table, fiddling with his pistol. Buck smiled. "Well, would you look at thatů still, don't like it that he's out here like this."

He was still upset about the situation, but they had hashed out a plan that would keep Chris safe until he could convince his mule-headed friend to return to town, where he belonged. And later, when Nathan said he was well, Buck had every intention of making sure Vin never forgot he'd overstepped the bounds of friendship.

Coaxing his gray forward at a gallop, the big man raced ahead, the hamper bouncing precariously at his side.

With an amused shake of his head, the gambler followed. "After being taunted with the heavenly aromas wafting from that hamper, Mr. Wilmington, you best not spill the contents because of your childish exuberance."

"Well, howdy, boys," Buck sang out as he reined General in next to the porch. He didn't miss the fact that the sun glinted softly off Tanner's sawed-off as it was eased back into the shadows. "Howdy, Vin," he added evenly.

"Buck," came the tracker's reply.

"What're you doing out here, Buck?" Chris asked evenly. He questioned the good spirits of his oldest friend, even though he knew the man wasn't one to hold on to anger. Something told him that there was more going on in the man's head than a simple visit.

"Well, sir, Mrs. Travis wasn't real certain she could trust Vin or JD to feed you right, so she asked us to bring you some dinner."

"She did, huh?"


"Reckon she could hear my stomach growling all the way in town?" he asked, winking at JD.

"Can't say that we had much to work with out here, seeing as about all you had was some beans, jerky, and flour," the young man replied, smiling in return.

By then Standish had joined them. Handing the hamper to JD, Buck eased Chris to his feet. With his friend's help, the gunslinger made his way into the little cabin.

133 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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