Magnificent Slash AUs #3

An all-AU zine. Stories in this issue include a variety of AUs (no Old West, no ATF Denver). NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Problems (by The tenth Muse 1) Modern Day Justice AU. Chris finally realizes how he feels about Vin. (12)

Confrontation (by The Tenth Muse 1) Modern Day Justice AU. JD decides to take the bus to work. (14)

Ice Station Zebra (by Clara Moore) SEALs, Salvage & Terrorists AU. The team heads to Antarctica where there is trouble at an Ice Station, trouble that might just cost one of the team their life. (30)

Thicker Than Blood: Part II (by The Tenth Muse 1) Vampire AU. Vin is still in trouble, but things have changed for Blair. (8)

Extending the Family (by The Neon Gang) The Strays AU (a Supernatural AU). Three new strays are brought into the fold. (23)

Shadow of Doubt, Part 1 (by Tarlan) seaQuest AU. Chris and Vin are kidnapped by a ruthless man who wants knowledgem, power, and Chris Larabee. (32)

Moonlight and Memories (by Storm) Star Trek AU. Vin shares both with Chris. (5)

Spirals Turning (by Tarlan) Alternative Old West AU. If the Seven hadn't met when they did, things might have turned out a lot differently. (12)

146 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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