Magnificent Slash AUs #5

An all-AU zine. Stories in this issue include a variety of AUs (no Old West, no ATF Denver). NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

The Worst Luck (by The Tenth Muse 1) Modern Day Justice AU. Vin sometimes has the worst luck. (12)

All for $27.77 (by Clara Moore) SEALs, Salvage & Terrorists AU. Vin's just trying to deal with a check he never wanted in the first place. (8)

The Light Fantastic (by Farad) Escorts AU. Vin and Josiah have their first intimate encounter.(14)

So Close to the Light (by The Neon Gang) ATF Denver Karaoke AU. The guys are competing in a karaoke competition and looking for a missing federal agent, and all the while, Vin is trying to hide his feelings for Chris and tell him at the same time. (52)

Shadow of a Doubt, Part 3 (by Tarlan) seaQuest AU. Rescue has come, but now Vin's worried their relationship might never be the same. (35)

Questions and Answers (by Storm) Star Trek AU. Vin isn't sure he should feel about Chris the way he does. (8)

Catnip (by Storm) Star Trek AU. Chris never knows wht might set Vin off. (3)

142 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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