Magnificent Seven #1

A gen, team-centric zine with a solid dose of humor. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Peeping Everyone (by MMW) Old West. Buck loses a bet. (2)

The One That Got Away (by Helen Adams) Old West. A little late-night fishing. (3)

Bedeviled! (by NotTasha) Old West. The guys are after a little treat, but get more than they expected. (4)

Picnic (by LaraMee) Old West. When the team learns Vin hasn't been on a picnic they set out to change that. (4)

Hypothetical Question (by Helen Adams) Old West. JD's question reveals some interesting facets of the Seven. (4)

By Their Words Shall You Know Them (by Beth Green) Old West. JD's at it again, asking another question that reveals more than he expected about his friends. (8)

Finding Wisdom (by KT) Old West. Vin gets a lesson in the value of books. (8)

Following the Fence Home (by NotTasha) Old West. When Ezra is hurt while on an assignment, the team sets out to care for him, and to hunt down whoever was responsible. And then there's the little matter of a missing horse... (25)

Adding a Little Color (by MMW) ATF Denver. A small practical joke. (1)

Darlin' Baby Girl (by Ruby) ATF Denver. The team comments on the newest addition to Ezra's family. (2)

Stress Relief (by MMW) ATF Denver. Another small practical joke, for a good cause. (2)

The Ram (by Ruby) ATF Denver. A crowded ride for the team. (4)

If You Can't Beat 'em (by Winter) ATF Denver. Team Seven helps out on an FBI bust, but they'll never live it down. (4)

The Fight Goes On (by KT) ATF Denver. JD wonders if the job is worth it when Buck and Chris get hurt. (4)

The Handwriting on the Wall (by Ruby) ATF Denver. JD's found something that's captured his imagination. (5)

Live Cams (by Ruby) ATF Denver. You never know who might be watching. (3)

Horsing Around (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. Buck is stuck in a wheelchair. (6)

Insults and Injuries (by Beth Green) ATF Denver. The team is recuperating after a bad day. (6)

Dinner and a Show (by Brate) ATF Denver. When three members of Team Seven end up hostages, the rest come to the rescue. (13)

Recertification (by Heidi) ATF Denver. They've run out of time and have to be recertified, whether they want to or not, and they don't want to. (28)

Team Seven Instructions (by KT) ATF Denver. The title says it all, instructions left for medical and clerical personnel when it comes to Team Seven. (2)

152 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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