Magnificent Slash Holidays #2

An all-slash, holiday, special event, annual celebration, fun times zine. Stories are all Old West or ATF Denver universes. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Resolution (by Tarlan) Old West (New Year's, Chris/Vin). When JD starts nagging them to make resolutions, Chris decides on one he hopes he won't regret. (11)

Wallflower (by mcat) Old West (Valentine's Day, Chris/Vin). Vin's ignoring the dance, but Chris knows how to make it up to him. (2)

Making a Clean Start (by Tarlan) Old West (Spring Cleaning, Chris/Vin). Winter's over and Larabee gets an itch to clean up the shack, and for other activities as well. (4)

Spring Fever (by Tarlan) Old West (Annual Spring Picnic, Chris/Vin). Spring Fever has everyone aware of romance in the air, and Mrs. Potter and a friend decide to help one couple along. (11)

A Holiday Moment (by Cobalt) Old West (Christmas, Chris/Buck). Chris thinks about how the holiday has gotten better. (1)

The Greatest Gift (by SueN) Old West (Christmas, Chris/Vin). Vin had ridden out of town to escape the press of folks out and about for the holiday, but Chris is hoping he might change his mind and come back to share it with him. (25)

The Last Candle (by mcat) ATF Denver (Birthday, Chris/Vin). Vin has a special gift in mind for Chris's birthday. (3)

Chocolate Surprise (by mcat) ATF Denver (Easter, Buck/Vin). Buck brings over an Easter gift he and Vin can both enjoy. (3)

Cowpoke (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Homecoming, Chris/Vin). Vin welcomes Chris home in style. (8)

Out of the Woods (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Day off, Chris/Vin). A day off almost turns deadly for Vin, and leaves Chris dealing with the aftermath. (9)

Happy Birthday, Vin Tanner (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Birthday, Chris/Vin). Chris makes sure that Vin spends his birthday at home. (5)

First Snow (by Kaed) ATF Denver (First Snow, Chris/Vin). The first snowfall of the season finds Chris and Vin in a cabin, Tanner dealing with the tragic consequences of a shooting. (10)

Office Party (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Christmas, Chris/Vin). Vin is determined that Chris enjoy this holiday season. (5)

Christmas Present (by RubyJ) ATF Denver (Christmas, Chris/Vin). Chris marvels over the best Christmas present he could imagine. (6)

Best of Times, Worst of Times (by Tarlan) ATF Denver (Christmas, Chris/Vin). Vin and Chris share holiday memories with the others. (13)

Merry Christmas, Vin Tanner (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Christmas, Chris/Vin). Chris and Vin share a quiet holiday moment of reflection. (3)

Ghost of Christmas Past (by RubyJ) ATF Denver (Christmas, Chris/Vin). Vin shares some sad memories with Chris. (14)

Hair Today (by Tarlan) ATF Denver (Christmas, Chris/Vin). A gag gift has lasting repercussions for the men of Team Seven, and obscures a true gift in the making. (22)

Five Years (by Kaed) ATF Denver (Anniversary, Chris/Vin). Chris reflects on the past five years. (3)

168 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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