Magnificent Slash Holidays #3

An all-slash, holiday, special event, annual celebration, fun times zine. Stories are all Old West or ATF Denver universes. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

Begin the New (by Annie) Old West (Christmas, Chris/Vin). While trying to avoid Christmas, Chris and Vin find themselves taking care of each other. (13)

Flowers and Candy (by Tarlan) Old West (first date, Chris/Vin). Vin tries to decide what it means when a man is given flowers. (5)

Josiah's Birthday (by Tarlan) Old West (birthday, Josiah/Nathan). The lovers are celebrating. (5)

Heat Exhaustion (by Tarlan) Old West (summer heat wave, Chris/Vin). A heat wave makes it harder than usual for Chris to work on his cabin, but then Vin is there to help, but he's also a distraction. (10)

Toeing the Mistle (by Annie) Old West (Christmas, Chris/Vin). Chris leaves town for his cabin, but Vin drops by to celebrate the holiday with him, like it or not. (18)

Broken Mugs and Making Up (by Kaed) ATF Denver (4th of July, Chris/Vin). Vin accidentally broke one of Chris' coffee mugs and now the two men are on the outs. (9)

Trick or Treat (by Angis) ATF Denver (Halloween, Buck/Ezra). Buck has a surprise for Ezra. (3)

Mama, He's Crazy (by SueN) ATF Denver (Thanksgiving, Chris/Vin). Vin spends some time thinking about his mom, and what he'd tell her about Chris. (11)

A Blue Scarf (by Angie) ATF Denver (Christmas, Chris/Vin). A special gift leads to an interesting night. (4)

'Twas the Night (by Annie) ATF Denver (Christmas, Chris/Vin). Vin gets a little lost on the way home. (9)

Home (by Renegade) ATF Denver (Christmas/New Year's, Chris/Vin). Bad news casts a pall over the holidays, and Chris is barely hanging on. (13)

110 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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