A Magnificent Slash Christmas

An all-gen, all-holiday zine. NOTE! All of these stories have appeared, or are currently available, on-line.

The Greatest Gift (by Sue N) Old West. With Christmas drawing closer, Vin feels a need to leave town, but he is drawn back and receives a precious gift. (25)

Home for Christmas (by Ruby J) ATF Denver. Spending Christmas in the hospital sucks, so of course Chris and Vin are going to do all they can to see to it Tanner spends his holiday at home. (16)

Mumm's the Word (by Ruby J) ATF Denver. Sequel to Home for Christmas. The New Year is celebrated. (9)

Merry Christmas, Mr. Tanner (by Kaed) ATF Denver. A sweet hoiliday short. (3)

Christmas Present (by Ruby J) ATF Denver. Another sweet short exploring the aftermath of Christmas Day. (6)

I'll Be Home for Christmas (by Kaed) ATF Denver. Chris has a mishap, but Vin is hopeful he'll be home for the holiday. (14)

Ghosts of Christmas Past (by Ruby J) ATF Denver. The holiday brings up a lot of memories for Vin, but Chris is there to tallk them through. (14)

Oh Christmas Tree (by Sue N) ATF Denver. Making sweet holiday memories. (12)

A Perfect Chrismas (by Sue N) ATF Denver. Chris is in a car accident and Vin is afraid what might have been his best Christmas will turn into his worst. (58)

167 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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