Last Breath

A Magnificent Seven slash novel by The Neon Gang & Paige Aaron, a crossover with Medical Investigation and set in the ATF Denver AU, with lots of hurt-comfort. NOTE! A different version of this story has appeared in the slash novel Breathe, and on a Mag7 list.

Synopsis: When three lab mice being used in a secret research facility escape, the NIH send their best team to help stop a disaster. But as news leaks out about what's happened, the ATF is sent in to keep the facility from being blown up by fananitics. The trouble is, one of the ATF agent and one of the NIH team both end up exposed to a lethal bio-engineered weapon, and now the race is to save their friends' lives.


"Doctor," Larabee said, stepping into the small office Connor had been given to use.

"Building still secure?" the man asked, looking up from the lab results he had been reviewing.

"Yeah, most of the threats were coming from a couple of local activists who had decided the lab was recruiting illegal aliens for human experimentation."

Connor shook his head. "I seriously doubt it. That's probably a result of the fact that three of the sick are illegal."

"Unfortunately, they're the ones who actually tossed the pipe bomb into the parking lot, so stay on your toes when you're outside the building."

"Will do," Connor replied.

"How's Vin?" Larabee asked.

The doctor looked up and sighed softly. "The organism is producing a toxin that we still haven't been able to identify... It could trigger any kind of unexpected reaction... We're keeping a close eye on him, and on the others."

Larabee's jaw twitched in frustration. "I heard we lost two more?"

Connor nodded. "One of my team was able to locate the last two patrons - two long-haul truck drivers. They both died late last night."

"Do you think you can come up with something to fight this thing?"

"We'll do our best," Connor promised. "Frank Powell is... one of my best friends... I know what you're feeling."

But he isn't your lover, Doc. Unable to think of a single thing to say, Chris looked away, nodding. These people would do everything they could for Vin and the others. All he could do now was wait... and pray.

130 pages. $10 for PDF version with color cover.

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