A Magnificent Seven slash novel by The Neon Gang, set in the ATF Denver AU and with lots of kinky hurt-comfort. NOTE! These stories has appeared, or is currently available, on-line.

Vin is forced to demonstrate his love for Chris when a voyure kidnaps Larabee and forced Vin to perform in order to get him back. The problem is, while Vin is willing to do whatever it takes to save Chris, Chris isn't at all sure he's able to return Vin's feelings.


The sky was just beginning to turn gray when Vin felt the cell phone vibrate against his palm. He flipped it open and put it to his ear, saying, "I'm here, just like y' told me."

"Yes, I can see that," the voice replied. "Very good, pet. Very good, indeed."

"Where's Chris?" Vin asked.

"All in good time, Vin. Right now, I want you to get out of that Suburban so I can see you better."

Vin didn't hesitate. He opened the door and climbed out, closing the door and locking the vehicle.

"Mmm, you are delicious… I like those sweatpants. Tell me, are you wearing anything under them?"

Vin swallowed hard. "No," he replied.

"Mmm, very good. Were you looking forward to my call?"

"'Bout as much as another hole in the head," was Tanner's honest reply. The resulting laughter surprised Vin, but he didn't comment.

"Well, I've been looking forward to seeing you again, Vin. I can't get enough of that beautiful body of yours. I've been watching what you did for me yesterday, and I have to say it's inspiring. I hope you like what I have for you now."

"Let's just get this over with," Vin said, his voice emotionless.

"Very well, but remember, if you don't do exactly as I say, I'll use my toys on Agent Larabee. Understand?"

"I understand."

"Good. I want you to go straight up to the roof of your building. Don't stop at your apartment. You have exactly one minute before I use my crop."

Vin felt his body beginning to move even before he could consciously will himself to start for the apartment building. He knew he had to follow the Voice's direction; Chris' life hung in the balance. Hopefully Larabee understood that as well.

He sprinted to the main doors of the building, pulling one open and heading inside. It was early enough that no one was up and around just yet. He bypassed the elevator, heading straight to the stairs and starting up, taking the steps two or three at a time.

When he reached the door leading to the roof, he stopped, panting slightly as he gripped the knob and turned. Usually it was locked, but this time it turned and opened. Vin stepped out onto the roof and lifted the cell phone to his ear.

"Close the door and lock it," the voice told him, and Vin complied. "Good. Now, right there next to the door, you'll see an iron bar. Slide that into the brackets I've provided."

Tanner reached out and took the short piece of rebar. He set it into the two reinforced metal brackets that had been mounted to the wall and the door. No one was getting out onto the roof unless they took the door off its hinges and that wouldn't be easy, not given the old coats of paint that covered them. Whoever the Voice was, he was smart.

"Walk over to the elevator shack, Vin."

Vin crossed to the small shack that housed the mechanical brains of the old, dilapidated system. The structure was about twelve feet wide on all four sides and sat at an angle to a large storage shed the building super had erected on the roof to hold his paints, tools, and other supplies. The effect was a wedge-shaped space that was closed at the narrow point of the V, and protected from prying eyes on two sides. But the space opened up at the wide end, allowing a clear line of sight in that direction. But there were no taller buildings in that direction, no way for someone to see him standing there.

That's when Vin noticed the small camera that had been mounted to the eaves of the shed. And, directly across the space from the camera, there was an object covered by a piece of heavy black plastic.

Vin realized that there must be at least one other camera on the roof – one that overlooked the door leading out onto the roof so the Voice could see that he had secured the door properly. But a quick glance around didn't reveal any more than the one looking down on him now.

"Go unwrap my present, pet," the Voice commanded.

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